Transflo $Velocity Mobile Tracking

TMC Logistics has implemented TRANSFLO $Velocity, a free document scanning service from Pegasus that enables you to scan and send your documents immediately to TMC. We are proud to now offer TRANSFLO MOBILE , a smart phone solution that provides the same $Velocity functions on-the-go with integrated load mapping/tracking capabilities. 

The Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Get paid faster
  • Provides peace of mind

Get Started

  • TRANSFLO Mobile is compatible with dozens of phone models for both the iPhone and Android.

    Simply download the app at the link below to get started.


    For Android UsersClick to Visit Google Play
    Phone requirements and more information can be located here.


    For iPhone UsersClick to Visit the App Store
    Phone requirements and more information can be located here

    You can also click here to download and install the TRANSFLO $Velocity program.


    Use Broker ID TMCDV


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