Stacey Sickmiller

Stacey is the Marketing and PR Manager for TMC Transportation. She has been with the company for over five years and takes pride in promoting TMC's excellence in service, quality, and integrity. 

Blog posts by this Author:

  • TMC Driver Trainer of the Month, Warren Jennings

    Warren Jennings has been awarded Trainer of the Month for April 2020. Warren has been training off and on since 2014. “Warren is a reliable trainer and easy to work with. He is always willing to take on any challenge we send his way. Warren has an excellent track record with his trainees staying with the company and maintaining a great safety record,” shared Jeff Geist, Training Coordinator Manager.

  • 2019 TMC Wheel Master: Mike Pennington

    The Wheel Master award is the highest driver honor given at TMC and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best in an already remarkable fleet of drivers. Each year a driver is honored with the Wheel Master distinction based on years of service with the company, safe driving record and overall quality of performance

  • Getting Started as a Truck Driver at TMC

    Learn about getting started at TMC Transportation.

  • Modern Day Slavery: How Truck Drivers Can Save Lives

    The United States was ranked as one of the worst places for human trafficking in 2018. It can be hard to believe in our time that human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, is still prevalent and thriving throughout our country. There are estimated hundreds of thousands of victims currently being trafficked. The exact victim count is incredibly difficult to obtain, as trafficking organizations work quickly and discretely.

  • TMC Names Richard Torres as Driver of the Third Quarter for 2019

    At TMC, Driver of the Quarter is a distinction reserved for professional drivers that best represent the company's sentiment, Destination: Excellence. Our most recent recipient, Richard Torres, illustrates this not only with his extensive tenure and safe driving record, but more so with his altruistic attitude and commitment to representing himself and TMC in the highest regard.

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