David Contestabile Named Trainer of the Month For January 2017

on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 in Awards & Recognition

David came to TMC in April 2013 and started training in January of 2016. While David has only been training for a short time, he is no stranger to the “over-the-road” lifestyle. After driving for three years, he decided to pursue his options of becoming a trainer. “I wanted to help future TMC drivers invest in their career,” David explains.

He works hard to educate new drivers and show them the ropes of the flatbed industry. “I’m more show-and-tell the first week and then my training is very hands-on after that,” David says. “I want to make sure they’re doing the job right and that they’re comfortable doing it.”

David also credits his success to his team members at TMC. “It’s not just a one man show; I have a whole team behind me,” says David. “Fleet Managers, training staff and more are all there to help me do my job right.”

“David has a strong work ethic and dedication to this job and TMC,” says Jeff Geist, Training Coordinator Manager. “He keeps the lines of communication open with his guys and is always there to help them when needed.”

During his time here, David has made a big impact on TMC, and TMC has done the same for him. “I really enjoy TMC and I want new drivers to get out and do well,” David says. “If I teach these guys to the best of my ability and show them how to do the job right, it’s a win for everyone.”

David Contestabile (right) and Jeff Wisgerhof, VP Driver Training

Driver trainers are vital to the TMC training department, and each month a trainer is chosen who demonstrates the outstanding qualities TMC looks for in a trainer. The Trainer of the Month recipient is chosen based on their safety record and the safety performance of their trainees, the number of drivers trained and the retention percentage of those drivers. Congratulations to our January 2017 Trainer of the Month, David Contestabile!