Jay Miller Named Trainer of the Year for 2014

on Thursday, February 19, 2015 in Awards & Recognition

Picking a trainer of the year is never an easy task here at TMC. When you have as much talent and as many dedicated trainers as we do, it’s bound to be difficult. After starting with thirty eight candidates, we narrowed it down to the top three choices. Then, when we reviewed the numbers on the final three, there was one trainer that stood out. Please congratulate Joseph ‘Jay’ Miller on becoming TMC’s Trainer of the Year 2014!

Jay has been with TMC since 2009 and started training in 2011. With an 80% retention rate for 2014 and the fact that each of Jay’s trainees had a perfect safety record, his dedication to the success of his trainees is obvious.

During the time they spend in his truck, Jay pushes his trainees hard to ensure they are fully prepared for life out on the road. “I teach them how to do things the TMC way, with safety being the top priority,” he says.

When Jeff Wisgerhof, Vice President of Training, asked Jay what advice he could give other trainers, his humble answer sums things up. “When you enjoy teaching, love TMC and like making lifelong friends, it all comes together.”

Jay insists that this award does not solely belong to him. “I don’t look at it as my success, I look at it as my trainees’ success,” he explains. “After I heard the news I reached out to many of my former trainees to thank them for their hard work.”

Dave Umphfleet, Training Coordinator, said the following of Jay, “I can always count on Jay to give 100%. He makes sure his trainees are ready to go when they get their own trucks. Jay does a great job letting us know his co-drivers strengths and weaknesses. He is always easy to work with. ”

In his spare time Jay enjoys hiking and golf. Jay has been married to his wife Barbara for 22 years. They have two boys together, ages 13 and 20, and are raising their 13-year-old nephew.

Thank you, Jay, for your hard work and dedication to excellence.