Kenneth Toms Sr. Named October 2016 Trainer of the Month

by Stacey Sickmiller on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 in Awards & Recognition

Ken joined TMC’s driver training program five years ago after joining the fleet in 2010. He had 19 years of driving experience prior to that. “The driver training program at TMC makes it much easier for new drivers to gain experience and help them progress and understand the industry,” says Ken.

“Ken understands that every trainee will be different and he focuses on adapting to the person and how they learn so he can help them succeed at TMC,” says Training Coordinator Manager, Jeff Geist.

“I try to give them the best foundation and fundamentals to trucking, but above all, I teach them that everything needs to be done safely,” explains Ken.

Ken’s Fleet Manager, Steven Fagg, mentions Ken’s good work ethic. “Ken takes pride in training his drivers in hopes that they will be self-sufficient and successful at TMC once they get their own truck. He’s there for me when I have questions and always goes out of his way to help others.”

Aside from focusing on the fundamentals of flatbed and over-the-road trucking, Ken has a few unique training tactics. One way Ken makes sure his trainees are comfortable is by letting them have control of the truck’s radio. Not only that, when the training period ends, he gives each of his trainees a strap winder as a gift.

In his free time, Ken enjoys spending time with his kids and adding to his antique license plate collection.  

Kenneth Toms Sr. (left) and Jeff Geist, Training Coordinator Manager

Driver trainers are vital to the TMC training department, and each month a trainer is chosen who demonstrates the outstanding qualities TMC looks for in a trainer. The Trainer of the Month recipient is chosen based on their safety record and the safety performance of their trainees, the number of drivers trained and the retention percentage of those drivers. Congratulations to our October 2016 Trainer of the Month, Kenneth Toms Sr.!