Martin Ott Named Driver of the Second Quarter For 2016

on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 in Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Martin Ott for being named TMC’s Driver of the Second Quarter for 2016!

Marty was born for the road. He comes from a long line of over-the-road truck drivers, and when he came to TMC back in 2003, he found his niche. After 13 years and nearly two million safe driving miles, Marty continues to embrace the lifestyle and it has certainly paid off for him.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Marty has always been a hands on, “in the trench” type of guy. He worked in construction before getting into trucking, where he finds that really enjoys the challenges the job brings, whether it be the terrain, the weather or the diversity of loads.

“I’ve pretty much been on every mile of every interstate in the United States,” says Marty. “Trucking is perfect for me because I’m not a keyboard person. My philosophy is to make the money while its there to be made because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”

Just one year into his trucking career, Marty was involved in a situation, which was not his fault, which left him with a severely fractured back. Rather than quit, once he was healed Marty got right back in the truck. He had to learn different ways to lift tarps and secure loads, but in the end Marty believes that experience helped him to become a better driver.

In addition to being an exceptional driver, Marty is also a driver trainer. For the last 10 years Marty has been teaching incoming TMC drivers the ropes to the flatbed industry. He encourages his drivers to work smarter, not harder and to make the best out of every situation. He is a self-proclaimed jokester and is always trying to put a smile on his trainees’ faces.

Marty sums up the key to being a successful TMC driver in one word: repetition. “Every day do the best you can,” he says. “Don’t think about the past. Live in the present and look toward the future. Always keep an open mind, and remember that ‘it is what it is’ is one thing, but what you make it is another. Once you’ve mastered that, you can make every step count and be as efficient as possible.”

Criteria for Driver of the Quarter recognition includes years of service with the company, safe driving record, excellent customer service, professionalism and overall quality performance. Once a driver is recognized as a Driver of the Quarter they are eligible to receive the prestigious Wheel Master Award.