Meet Trucking's Top Rookie Kyle Lee

on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 in Awards & Recognition

TMC Transportation is proud to announce that company driver Kyle Lee was recently named Trucking’s Top Rookie at the 2013 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas.

A native of Ottawa, KS, Kyle received his CDL training at MTC in St. Louis, MO. Before becoming a driver with TMC, Lee served in the Army for four years and is currently a member of the Kansas Army National Guard. During his active duty, Kyle spent three years in Germany and one year in Afghanistan.

Kyle was chosen for the award by an expert panel of judges, which included representatives from motor carriers, training schools (both public and private), suppliers and trade associations. As the Top Rookie, Lee wins more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. He will be featured in an array of industry publications and in an interview with Midnight Trucking Radio’s Eric Harley.

Kyle was one of three TMC drivers named as Top Ten Finalists. TMC drivers Kevin Smith and Dan A’Zaire Snow each received $1,000 in cash and several prizes including 50,000 Pilot Flying J Rewards points and a Cobra CB.

The first question we get about the rookie program is how do you get nominated? To be eligible, nominees must have driven professionally for less than one year and attended a CDL training program that meets specific guidelines. Kyle was nominated by TMC due to his outstanding performance in his first six months. (Watch a video of the press conference and an interview with Kyle.)

Kyle is a productive driver reaching revenue levels of more tenured drivers, operates his truck efficiently, which is evidenced by his miles-per-gallon score and operates the truck with the utmost focus on safety. Kyle has run nearly 60,000 safe miles without an accident or incident and has passed a DOT inspection.

What sets Kyle apart from many other rookie drivers is his ability to manage his time. Kyle believes that if you are on time you are late. He makes a point of always being 15 minutes early for every appointment. Time management and trip planning are two skills that cannot be over emphasized in our business. Kyle’s skills in these areas are as well developed in a rookie as we have seen.

Planning, using one’s time efficiently, and being punctual are all things he learned in the Army. Kyle spent four years active duty in the U.S. Army and is now a member of the Army Reserves. Kyle spent three years in Germany and one year in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan he was a mechanic and drove heavy machinery.

We were very fortunate to have Kyle Lee and his family present at the awards ceremony. They were very surprised and humbled by the win. As a young family just starting out, the recognition and monetary award is a blessing. The couple plans to pay off debt and work toward purchasing a house.

We were very honored to spend three days with the Lee family and the families of Dan A’Zaire Snow and Kevin Smith. It reminds us of how very important family support is to the success of our drivers. By the end of the weekend it really did feel like we were all one big family.