Samuel Pressler Jr. Named Trainer of the Month for May 2016

by Stacey Sickmiller on Thursday, July 28, 2016 in Awards & Recognition

A little over one year ago, Samuel Pressler Jr. started training new drivers under TMC’s driver training program. With Sam’s positive attitude and appetite for perfection, he has deservingly been named the Trainer of the Month for May 2016.

Sam has found that an efficient way to teach his trainees the ropes to the flatbed industry is to observe their learning skills. “Some prefer to listen or watch how you do it first and some like trying it out on their own right away,” says Sam.

With 13 trainees now under his belt and no sign of stopping, Sam wants his current trainees to know that he will give his best and will pass on valuable knowledge for them to be successful in this industry. “I want them to strive in their career and be a better driver than I am,” Sam says.

For himself, some of Sam’s key learning moments came once he was out on his own truck. He says he picked up most of his skills by observing other truck drivers and when he had questions, he always gave Safety a call.

Sam’s fleet manager, Mitch Perdue, can’t say enough good things about him. “He knows his job very well and goes out of his way to help others. He’s always on time, has an excellent safety record, and will do anything that is asked of him. He’s an outstanding trainer and he definitely deserves this award. Congrats Sam!”

One piece of advice Sam has for trainers and trainees out on the road is to take your time and stay calm. “When you have two grown men in a hot pot for five weeks, you’re going to butt heads every once in a while. So take a moment and calm yourself, then go back to the task at hand with a clear head,” he explains.

“Sam has had great success with his drivers and his retention percentage is very high. This is an indication of Sam’s dedication and focus on providing a good training environment for his guys,” says Training Coordinator Manager, Jeff Geist.

Driver trainers are vital to the TMC training department, and each month a trainer is chosen who demonstrates the outstanding qualities TMC looks for in a trainer. The Trainer of the Month recipient is chosen based on their safety record and the safety performance of their trainees, the number of drivers trained and the retention percentage of those drivers. Congratulations to our May 2016 Trainer of the Month, Samuel Pressler Jr.!