Tim Alford Named Trainer of the Month For January 2016

on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 in Awards & Recognition

Tim describes his journey as a professional driver as not just a career, but also a lifestyle. After four years of over-the-road experience driving with TMC, Tim decided that he wanted to teach other drivers how to be successful and get a better understanding of the trucking industry.

Tim credits his former Fleet Manager, Kyle Miller as a source of motivation to become a driver trainer. His current Fleet Manager, Chris York has nothing but positive things to say about Tim. “Tim is definitely a role model at TMC and I have seen him grow leaps and bounds since he first started.”  

Kyle, who is now his Operations Manager still holds the utmost respect for Tim. “I have known Tim since he came to my team back in early 2010. It was evident immediately that he was fully bought into the TMC system and how to be successful,” says Kyle. “I asked him repeatedly for the next two years to become a trainer because of his positive attitude and commitment to excellence, as it is a great trait to pass on to the next generation of driver. Tim is an absolute joy to work with every day. If I need the job done right, I look to Tim to take care of it.”
Tim thinks it is important to challenge his trainees during training to get them prepared for the job. “I am patient with my trainees but I also like to ask them lots of questions to make sure they are paying 100% attention,” he says. “The dumbest questions are the ones you never ask.”
Throughout the years of being a trainer, Tim has seen many drivers getting discouraged and some even having a change of heart with the industry, which is why Tim’s trainees can expect him to always listen and understand their situation no matter what. “I never quit training them and I let them know that they can always give me a call whenever they have a problem.”
Join us in congratulating Tim Alford for being chosen as the Trainer of the Month for January 2016.  Tim has been training for TMC close to four years and is currently working with his 36th driver in training. He has an excellent track record working with the many challenges of training and producing safe drivers for TMC. Thank you, Tim for your dedication to the job and being a positive role model for our new drivers here at TMC!

Tim Alford (L) and Training Coordinator Manager, Jeff Geist (R)