Millions of Miles: All in the Family

by Cassidy Bennett on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in Company News

Chris Dart recently achieved one of the milestones that most professional truck drivers strive for: driving one million safe miles. The accomplishment carries an extra special feeling for Chris, as trucking runs in his whole family. They all have some impressive miles to boast about as well.

His uncle, John, has driven 1.5 million safe miles. His dad, Kevin, and maternal grandfather, Bernie, both have two million miles under their belts. Chris’s great grandfather drove four million safe miles, and his paternal grandfather, William, has driven a whopping 6 million safe miles. Talk about running in the family!

Surprisingly, Chris didn’t always have his sights on driving flatbed. “I actually wanted to be a history teacher,” he says. One thing led to another and Chris found himself in the position to attend driving school. “I thought, ‘Well, it’s in my blood, so I should be able to do it successfully.’”

Choosing where to drive was the next decision to make. TMC was always a standout to Chris, and his family members also encouraged him to apply here as well. “I always thought TMC was really cool and had the best equipment,” Chris says. “I loved that I could put my name on the door of my truck.”

After applying with TMC and getting the job, Chris wasted no time in starting the journey to joining the family million-mile club. Once he saw that odometer hit 1,000,000, Chris couldn’t wait to share the news with his family. “I had the support from them the whole way,” he says. “I feel very proud to have accomplished this. Being able to share it with family makes it even better.” 

Chris Dart Million Miles Driver Experienced Specialized Division Local Dedicated
Chris, (center) with Safety Manager Josh Perry (left) and Fleet Manager Luke Hird (right)

Chris’ new goal is to “pass” his dad and uncle on their safe miles so he can earn even more bragging rights. But for now, he’s thankful for all of the support he’s received, not only from his family, but from TMC as well. “I couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife, dad, uncle, grandfathers, my fleet and operations managers, the guys who trained me back when I started... the list could go on and on. I really just want to keep going and be safe.”