National Employee Ownership Month 2016

on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in Company News

Destination: Ownership
National Employee Ownership Month 2016

At TMC Transportation, October is a time to reflect on the value of each and every employee that aids in driving the company forward. October was National Employee Ownership Month, and TMC employees had good reason to celebrate.

It has been three years since Founder & CEO, Harrold Annett, announced that TMC Transportation would become an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, and the journey has been more fruitful than anyone could have expected. We’ve seen continuous growth and impressive increases in stock price, as well as a boost in productivity company-wide.

This year’s celebrations were particularly special due in part to the number 44. Not only does 2016 mark 44 years in the business, but TMC’s employee-owners also saw a 44% increase in stock price from 2014 to 2015.

TMC’s ESOP Communication Committee, made up of members from a variety of departments throughout the company, organized weekly contests throughout the month for employee-owners to participate in for the chance to win some great prizes. Each week’s contest featured one of four key points in implementing an ESOP: eligibility, contribution, vesting, and distribution. Forty-four gift cards were awarded in each contest. At the end of the month, we awarded the top prize of $440 to one lucky employee-owner.

On top of educating employees on what it means to be a part of an ESOP,  the ultimate goal was to build excitement for TMC’s ESOP program and the future it creates for us.

As we continue on the road to employee-ownership, we want to recognize and thank all of TMC’s employee-owners for their hard work and dedication to making TMC the best in the business.

TMC is built on a culture of PRIDE. We should all be proud of the work we do for this great company, as well as being able to share in the wealth YOU are helping to create by achieving excellence day in and day out. Let us continue to work united as a team toward our destination of EXCELLENCE. Remember, as an ESOP company, the road ahead is ours to take. Lets get there together.”-Harrold Annett