On the Road & Over Dimensional: TMC's Specialized Division

by Stacey Sickmiller on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in Company News

Specialized (adj) requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training.

Specialized is the word used to describe one of the most esteemed group of drivers here at TMC. You may have seen them out on the road. They’re pretty hard to miss, and that’s not just because of the perfectly polished black and chrome Peterbilt tractor. The wow-factor is typically what is sitting on the trailer.

specialized 1

The driver fleet in TMC's Specialized Division includes the most highly skilled and experienced drivers in the industry. Specialized drivers generally haul equipment and machinery, sometimes of massive proportions, to and from dealers that sell to major farming and construction corporations. It is not an easy task, but for a professional truck driver, it is often a career pinnacle where the benefits outweigh the sacrifices.

The Specialized Division is typically attractive to TMC drivers because of the variety of equipment they have the opportunity to haul, as well as being able to reduce the time spent at the steel and lumber mills and hauling the routine linehaul freight. And, instead of pulling only 48’ flatbed trailers, they are able to pull 53’ step-deck trailers and Removable Goose Neck (RGN) trailers. These trailer types enable TMC to accommodate various types of construction and agricultural machinery and other commodities that have additional loading and off-loading requirements.

Due to the fact that most of the freight being hauled is over dimensional, these drivers have a big responsibility to get these distinctive loads delivered safely while obeying all of the federal, state and local over dimensional rules pertaining to hours they can run, rush hour, curfew limitations, weather and wind limitations, daylight and darkness limitations, holidays, etc. At TMC, our Specialized Division drivers are top notch. They are vastly experienced and have the knowledge and discipline to understand and obey many more rules than just a legal load for a 48’ flatbed.

specialized 2
Of course, with glory comes sacrifice, and our Specialized drivers do have to make sacrifices, especially when it comes to home time. Linehaul drivers spend most weekends at home, and though most Specialized drivers are able to get home every other weekend, some drivers can be out on the road for more than three weeks at a time.

“These guys haul loads that are tall, wide, long and heavy and sometimes all of the above in the same load,” says Chad Reece, Dedicated Fleet Manager at TMC. “They have our utmost respect for what they do and the sacrifices they make to be the professional drivers that they are. They are shining representations of TMC and the trucking industry.”