Sneak Peek of New Peterbilt 579 Fleet Truck

on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 in Company News

We have long been fans of Peterbilt, but feel like they have outdone themselves with the 579. The red oval has never steered us wrong and we are excited to begin transitioning our fleet into the Peterbilt model 579.

At the first of the year we added 50 579s to our boat division, and have been thrilled with the performance of these trucks. Our drivers love the LED lights, big bunk and wide windshield. It is truly innovation in design with driver comfort playing a leading role.

Our first 579 fleet-truck arrived last week and we have been busy getting to know the ins and outs of this truck. This truck differs slightly from the first 50 trucks we received in that it has a double bunk and chrome bumper. It just wouldn't be a TMC truck without a chrome bumper!

Take a peek inside the new 579...

There are many new and improved features on the 579. Here is a listing of some of the cool features of this truck. Just like all of our other trucks they are … black and chrome with leather seats. Only the best for the best drivers on the road!

• Hydraulic clutch pedal with air-assist.

• A factory-installed 1800 WATT power inverter.

Drivers can plug an extension cord into the shore power plug below the driver’s door and this will power the inverter and plugs-ins while the engine is shut off. Shore power also allows coolers and other accessories to operate while at home over the weekend without running the engine. The Inverter has its own built in battery charger that applies a charge to the truck batteries whenever the shore power is plugged in.

• Espar heater in the bunk that can be adjusted via a thermostat from the bunk.

• A slide out bunk drawer that doubles as a desk.

• 22” flat screen television.

• The radio can be controlled from the bunk.

• Multiple power outlets. It has two 110 outlets, one in the left upper cabinet and one in the lower tray below the TV.

• Hood assist for opening and closing

• The headlights automatically turn on when using the wipers

• The brake lights automatically turn on when the engine brake cycles on

• Top bunk folds up halfway when not in use.

• All internal and external lighting is LED

• Porch lights are now LED and less glare/shine into the side windows.

• Has a wide step to the catwalk on the driver’s side that also doubles as an equipment storage box.

• The steer axle has disc brakes, the rear are still the standard drum brakes.

Roger Dannen, a TMC Wheel Master on our dedicated boat hauling division, was the first TMC driver to receive a new 579. You can read his review here.