TMC Announces New Driver Referral Program

on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 in Company News

Refer/Rehire a driver and get paid for every mile they drive!

We know from past experience over the years that the best source for finding good drivers is our own people. Who else knows better what it takes to be a successful flatbedder for TMC? Also, we know our drivers see more drivers each day than anyone else.

We are excited to announce this new driver referral program at TMC which not only rewards TMC drivers with an upfront cash bonus, but also pays you for each mile your referral/ rehire drives during their first 6 months.

Here’s How it Works …

If you meet a great driver while out on the road (whether they are flatbed or not) and you think they are TMC material, just enter their contact information in Macro 28. When that driver is hired and delivers their first load you get paid a $500 bonus*. In addition, each week you will receive a 1 cent bonus on your check for all their paid miles ran for the week. (This bonus applies to both percentage and mileage pay programs.)

The number of driver referrals/rehires you get is unlimited! Just think of the possibilities of getting paid for miles on all your referrals/rehires, as well as the upfront cash incentive. We know how successful we are when we have our own employees play a part in hiring and training our future drivers.

Feel free to call driver recruiting at 800-247-2862 to check in on the status of your referral.

*Please note that the $500 bonus is paid for experienced drivers with one year or more OTR. Referrals for drivers with less than one year, but more than 3 months experience receive a $300 bonus.
* Driver reinstates are not included in this program
*Does not include students direct from a driving school.