Gearing Up For Driver Appreciation Week 2016

by Stacey Sickmiller on Thursday, August 11, 2016 in Company News

Driver Appreciation Week is just ONE MONTH away! At TMC, our drivers are the backbone of the company. While we always appreciate the hard work that they put in day in and day out, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is really a time to celebrate! Taking place September 11-17, TMC will spend the week honoring our drivers with gifts, giveaways, activities, and plenty of free food.

One of our Operations Managers, Kyle Miller, recently had the opportunity to get out of the office and on the road to experience first-hand what it is like to be a professional truck driver for TMC, and to show a little appreciation to some of our hard working drivers. Here is what he had to say:

“The best part of my job is visiting with drivers and helping them to have a better day than before we found each other. I feel blessed to have been given that opportunity three different times in the last month. 

I have been going out on the road to go to some of our major shipping locations. First, SSAB in Montpelier, IA, then Continental in Silver Grove, KY, and finally to Lowe’s in St. Joseph, MO. During my visits, I have gained a vast knowledge of what our drivers deal with on a daily basis. I’ve learned trade secrets that those in the office don’t always see or hear about, and I’ve met some really hard working, good people. 

During my visit to Lowe’s, we introduced our newest item to improve driver comfort: thermal neck wraps. A quick soak in water and they can help keep you cool for an hour or two. With temperatures being in the mid-90s, it was definitely a big hit with the guys. We also brought plenty Gatorade and water to make sure our hard working drivers stayed hydrated.

Being available outside of the office and meeting drivers at work has been a huge success. Our drivers are the best in the industry and giving them an opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns they have has been very rewarding. I made some new friends and also rekindled with some that don’t get to our headquarters in Des Moines very often. I look forward to seeing many more the next time I venture out.”

Stay tuned this month as we gear up for Driver Appreciation Week 2016, and as always, stay safe out there!