TMC Expands Logistics Department

on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in Company News

Here at TMC, we’re always seeking ways to expand our resources and grow our company. Recently, our logistics department has undergone a big growth spurt. From 2013 to 2014 the department more than doubled in size. Two more offices were opened; one in Naperville, IL and the other in Bentonville, AR. These new offices have come in alongside our Des Moines, Joplin, Indianapolis, and Gaston locations in an effort to broaden TMC’s logistics division and move even more freight.

Steve Feldmann, TMC’s Vice President of Logistics, explains that long term goals include doubling the size of the Logistics department a few more times. “We want to expand our customer base and give them more options to move more of their freight with us,” he says. “Whether it is flatbed, van, refrigerated or intermodal, we will attain the means to ship it.”

Logistics has been one of the fastest growing departments within our organization and will continue to grow at a rapid rate as we head into the New Year. New-hire classes and orientations take place bi-monthly, with the ultimate goal being to double the number of employees in the department in 2015.

“Essentially, the expansion of our logistics department can serve as a buffer,” Steve explains. “Not only will TMC have control of more freight, but we’ll also have more protection for our assets, which is more important than ever now that we’re an employee-owned company.”

The Naperville office opened this past July, and the Bentonville office is scheduled to open in January 2015. If you’d like to learn how TMC logistics can help your business, please call 1-877-800-4TMC or email