TMC's Maintenance Department Meets For New Training Courses

by Stacey Sickmiller on Thursday, January 21, 2016 in Company News

At TMC, we’re always looking to grow and improve day-to-day operations in all of our departments. Last week it was our Maintenance shop’s turn to undergo a training and development course aimed at bettering the repair process. From Jan. 12th-15th, trainers from all four of our shop locations traveled to our headquarters in Des Moines for some hands-on training.

“This was the first time we have taken the approach of having shop trainers from each facility meet at the same location to implement a standardized training procedure, and it proved to be a huge success,” explains Martin Milner, TMC’s Corporate Maintenance Training Manager.“The standardized training at all maintenance facilities will ensure the preventative maintenance procedures are completed more efficiently and the same way at all locations,”

Martin Milner explains the updated preventative maintenance procedures to a group of trainers.

The primary focus in this training course was covering the newly revised tractor and trailer preventative maintenance manuals, which were restructured and updated in September of last year due to the addition of the 579 Peterbilt and the Fontaine trailers. Additionally, the transition was made to electronic manuals through new Samsung tablets, which will allow the immediate implementation of any changes and provide the most up-to-date information available to shop technicians at all times.

A shop trainer reviews the latest preventative maintenance manuals on the new tablet.

“The session went very well and there were positive comments from all who attended. The goal was consistency in repair procedures throughout all the shops, and this was achieved,” says Rod Simon, Executive Vice President of Maintenance at TMC. “The trainers will go back to their shops and continue the training one-on-one with all of our technicians. The addition of tablets to assist with the training process went over very well and is a major advancement for real time information on the shop floor. Additionally, quarterly meetings of this group are planned to further the development of TMC technicians. Martin Milner and the maintenance training team are to be commended on how well this process was thought out and improved upon.”

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