Hopkins and Torro

Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Hopkins & Torro

on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 in Employee Spotlight

We employ support staff and drivers from all different professional backgrounds and life experiences. We are always thrilled to spotlight employees with great stories to share. This week we are proud to feature Jeremy Hopkins and Torro.

TMC driver Jeremy Hopkins recently had to say goodbye to his longtime K9 partner and best friend, Torro. Jeremy and Torro, a Belgium Malinois from Holland, worked together in the Middle East for five years as an explosives detection K9 team where Torro protected the lives of thousands of soldiers, former President George Bush, US Senators, the Secretary of Defense, Air Force One, and himself.

Jeremy was a police officer before contracting with Dyncorp International, which had a contract with the United States Army. He and Torro worked for Dyncorp on an Explosives Detection Dog Team (EDDT) from 2005 to 2010 and bonded through the years.

“I fought a long and hard fight to bring Torro home with me,” Jeremy says. “I finally brought him home on the 4th of July, 2010. But shortly after I arrived home, my housing situation required I find a new home for Torro.”

Torro was then placed with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana where he continued to protect citizens. He worked the Super Bowl in Indianapolis and cleared many bomb threats at schools including Ball State University. During this time, Jeremy established a successful career training drivers and decided to come to TMC in May of 2012 because of the home time and professional reputation.

In late March 2013, Torro’s health took a turn for the worse. Deputy Dave Williams, K9 Deputy and Torro’s partner, found out Torro had a bone disease that would leave him unable to eat. Deputy Williams made the painful but honorable decision to put 7-year-old Torro to sleep on April 4th.

Deputy Williams had not met Torro’s longtime partner until Jeremy delivered a eulogy at the service held to honor the K9. Jeremy surprised Deputy Williams by calling him forward and introducing himself as Torro’s partner.

“The only thing that kept me alive everyday was my partner,” Jeremy said during the ceremony. “He was a true warrior, hero, and my best friend.”