Employee Spotlight: Marcy Fisher

on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in Employee Spotlight

Marcy Fisher is a part-time Yard Training Instructor at TMC. She has driven professionally for 18 years, worked in the office, and is now doing what she loves.

Marcy grew up in southern Iowa on a farm. She and her husband decided to start team driving professionally when their kids moved out of the house in 1982. They began driving for National Carriers out of Liberal, Kansas and hauled beef all over the states and Canada.

“We made so much money, gas was 50 cents a gallon,” she remembers. “My husband was a good teacher. I used to whine because he made me do everything he did, like drive and deliver in New York City and get out and adjust loads. I knew other wives didn’t have to do that. But I’m glad I did, because after he passed I was able to return to the job with confidence.”

Marcy continued driving for 8 years and racked up nearly 3 million miles before she started instructing for TMC in 2002. She completed nearly one thousand student road tests and still runs into students she instructed more than a decade ago. In 2002, Marcy got invited to work in the Road Repair department because of her knowledge about trucks and trailers. She was the first woman in Road Repair and remained in the office for eight years, but missed working with students. When she got the opportunity to return to training, she took it.

“Training is my favorite job of all,” says Marcy. “I enjoy it because I get to meet so many people, all kinds of people.”

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has never bothered Marcy. Her sense of humor helps her fit in with the guys.

“They’ll joke around with me and I’ll dish it back,” she says. “The guys are great to work with.”

Students appreciate the patient and relaxed demeanor Marcy has while instructing them, especially on Monday mornings when they take their first drive in the 13-speed Peterbilt.

“Some guys are very nervous, but I talk to them until they aren’t anymore,” Marcy says. “I keep them calm, making sure they are shifting correctly and not grinding gears. I’m careful to not yell or do anything that would make them more nervous than they already are.”

Marcy has been eligible to retire, but chooses to keep working part-time because she genuinely enjoys her job and insists on keeping herself busy. She likes the people at TMC and is proud to tell her students that it’s the best company to drive for. When asked if she sees herself retiring anytime soon, she responded while laughing, “I’ll work until I can’t.”