Body Technician Oscar Perez Achieves Success and Advancement

on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in Employee Spotlight

Oscar Perez’s career path at TMC has been a bit of an unconventional one. Despite limited experience in the trucking industry, Oscar's work ethic, attention to detail, and willingness to learn has led to advancement in various positions positions within the TMC Maintenance Team. Oscar currently works as a Body Technician at our Century Body Shop. 

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Oscar began his career with TMC Transportation in 2006 working as a part-time cook in the Chrome Café. While working in the cafeteria, Oscar expressed interest in repairing trailers. He ended up being offered a full time job in our wash bay, where he helped wash our Black & Chrome trucks.

He worked in the wash bay for ten months. In December 2007, he was offered a different position after our new Century Body Shop opened. He started at Century repairing parts, moved up to hood repair, and he’s now been working as a painter for the past year. 

Oscar is a husband and father who enjoys his work and the people he works with. Oscar’s father has been a truck driver in his native Mexico since 1986, and he thinks this is what sparked his interest in working on trucks. Oscar would ride along with him occasionally as a child and enjoyed the experience.  Oscar offers these words of advice to others looking to get into the diesel maintenance field: work hard, listen to your supervisors, and get along with others well. 

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