ESOP Celebrations!

on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 in ESOP

TMC employees had good reason to celebrate this past month. October is nationally recognized as Employee Ownership Month by the ESOP Association, the largest employer sponsored non-profit advocacy and education association focused on retirement savings in America. One year ago we officially announced TMC would become an employee owned company, and our employees couldn’t be happier with this new journey. We celebrated Employee Ownership Month all October long with a variety of contests, games and giveaways organized by our in-house ESOP committee.

To kick the month off, we focused on generating awareness outside of TMC about the benefits of working for an employee owned company. All employees had the opportunity to win one of several gift cards by “sharing” posts from the TMC Facebook page onto their own profile page. The posts included links to office, shop and driver job openings, as well as some of the incentives involved in working for an employee owned company.

Do you own the part of the company you work for?
Here at TMC, we do!

Combined, the posts were “shared” by nearly 100 TMC employees and seen by countless others!

In an effort to make an impact on the bottom line, our ESOP committee spent a day handing out reusable travel mugs and cups to employees at all of our terminals. In the last year, TMC purchased 67,000 Styrofoam cups to be used in the cafeterias. By providing employees with a reusable option, TMC can save over $1,500 each year! The event got many people talking and generated ESOP interest in office staff and drivers alike, showing them that we can all have a part in contributing to the success and profitability of TMC. Going green increases YOUR green!

As our final challenge to educate employees and continue company growth, we announced a contest aimed to benefit the biggest force behind TMC: our drivers. The “ESOP Idle Challenge” will take place the entire month of November and will be focused on reducing drivers’ idle time. This contest will be an opportunity to gauge each driver’s impact on the overall cost of idle time and will help illustrate how a few minutes reduced in idle time can truly have an effect on the big picture. By reducing these costs per driver and across the board, TMC‘s profitability increases and by the end of November, $50,000 in rewards will be paid out to 50 drivers who meet or exceed their idle time goal.

At TMC, not only do we take pride in our jobs, we take pride in our company. Knowing that our owner has entrusted us with the legacy that he has built and allowing us to carry it into the future is very rewarding. Everything we do has the opportunity to make a difference because here at TMC, we own our future.