Pride of Ownership

on Thursday, May 31, 2018 in ESOP

TMC has been built on a foundation of PRIDE since day one over 46 years ago, a foundation that was solidified when founder and CEO, Harrold Annett, gave the company back to his hardworking employees in 2013.

Since it’s inception, TMC’s ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) has grown tremendously, with 2017’s share price clocking in at more than a 150% increase in just four years. This progress has come primarily as a result of our drivers, office and maintenance staff doing their jobs with excellence at the forefront, day in and day out.

“When I started with TMC the ESOP was very new and I wasn’t fully aware of what it meant. As I learned more about it, I found that it was another way TMC rewards employees for their hard work and performance, and that is a great peace of mind that I work for a company that cares. I think the ESOP provides great opportunity for both current and future employees and assurance that our current successes will continue on to pay off in the long run.”-Oleg M., Driver

TMC employees have the benefit of participating in the ESOP at no cost, and shares are allocated as a part of the employees’ reward for loyalty, hard work and dedication. Over time, their ESOP accounts have begun to boast big numbers, making a comfortable retirement a reality.

“Having the ESOP takes a little bit of weight off my shoulders. As a father of three girls I have a lot to think about with their futures, and though it might not be at the forefront right now, I know I can say that my ESOP will make a difference in mine and my family’s future once I am past working age.”-Jim H., Maintenance Shop Shift Coordinator

As an employee of an ESOP company, motivation comes easy when one is able to directly benefit from the overall success of the company. 

“It makes the day to day tasks more important. You realize that everything you are doing has an impact on the bottom line. And at the end of the day as long as you do your job well and you bring everybody up with you that it is going to pay off for not just the company, but yourself as well.”-Ryan G., Logistics Sales Representative 

2018 will be full of exciting growth and new opportunities. Why not join us in our destination of ownership? Whether you prefer to be over the road, behind a desk or elbow deep in a diesel engine, we are always seeking motivated individuals to join the TMC team and share in our successes, because at TMC, WE OWN IT. Check out our current job openings.