Burst Your Thirst Challenge Results

on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 in Health & Wellness

Health initiatives continue to take place throughout the year at TMC. Participants at TMC recently completed Live Healthy Iowa’s Burst Your Thirst Challenge, which ran from June 17th – July 26th. Burst Your Thirst is a 5 week web-based team competition offered through Live Healthy Iowa to help individuals track their water consumption and minutes of physical activity. Each team member was responsible for reporting their weekly totals through the website in order to accumulate Lifestyle Points and move their team up the challenge leaderboard. The overall goal of this competition was to have fun and to increase awareness about the numerous benefits of water.

The overall TMC winners of this competition were the Whiz Kidz with an average of 5,514.67 total Lifestyle Points. Team members included: Ryan Blackman, Patricia Jurgens, Susie Lasher, Denise Lindquist, James Pfaff and Jason Webb. These individuals maintain significant bragging rights for their efforts to consume the recommended daily amount of H2O.

Another of TMC’s teams was randomly selected by Live Healthy Iowa to receive a mid-way incentive prize as a reward for their participation and recording of their progress each week. Each member of Mmmmwater received a $5.00 gift card to Subway compliments of Live Healthy Iowa. Members of this team were: Kim Allard, Chrissy Gray, Chris Link, Mary Sinclair and Renee Stewart.

All Burst Your Thirst participants received:
• Live Healthy Iowa Burst Your Thirst water bottle
• Weekly e-mail containing hydration tips, healthy recipes and fun summer activity ideas
• Personal tracking page on the Live Healthy Iowa website
• Unlimited access to recipes, videos, workouts and health information on the Live Healthy Iowa website
• Opportunities to win prizes and incentives

A big congratulations and thank you goes out to all of the Burst Your Thirst participants! See all TMC results below.

2013 Burst Your Thirst Challenge

Number of Teams: 6
Total Participants: 38
Total Lifestyle Points: 128309

1. Whiz Kidz 
(Total: 33088)

2. Thirsty B's 
(Total: 32533)

3. Indy Floaters
(Total: 12556)

4. The Water Cooler Wizards 
(Total: 25671)

5. Mmmmwater 
(Total: 10847)

6. H2O
(Total: 13614)