Live Healthy America Challenge

Results from Live Healthy America Challenge

on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 in Health & Wellness

                Weight Loss Challenge Winner Gray Dougherty

TMC recently completed the 10 week Live Healthy America Wellness Challenge, with participants including both drivers, as well as office staff. The challenge ran from January 28th-April 5th, and was organized by our Wellness Committee. We recently started the Wellness Committee with the overall goal of creating awareness regarding health and wellness. Committee members include individuals from all terminal locations, both office and shop employees and drivers. We felt it was necessary to have every aspect of the company represented, because the needs of each of these groups and locations are different. According to Wellness Committee member and Human Resources Generalist Krystal Schoen, “One of the things the Wellness Committee felt was important for the Live Healthy America Challenge was to inter-mix office and shop employees and drivers. The hope was to build relationships and meet new people within the company, as well as creating motivation through these new relationships.”

While it was a team based program, individuals could choose whether they wanted to participate in the Minutes of Activity Division or the Weight Loss Division, or both. For convenience, everything was recorded online via the Live Healthy America website. Each participant was responsible for maintaining and logging their minutes of activity and weight loss. However, it was easier for some drivers to send us satellite messages with their data for us to enter for them. The website also provided access to nutrition tips, recipes, workout demonstrations, and health related articles. We awarded fitness related prizes every week to either individuals or teams, including DVD’s, jump ropes, fitness balls, medicine balls, gift cards to healthy restaurants and water bottles. The total numbers for the challenge are below:

Number of Teams: 11
Total Participants: 55
Total Activity Time: 1403:35
Activity Time per Team: 155:57
Total Pounds Changed: 220 lbs. lost
Total % of Weight Change: 3.23% lost

Our individual winners were both TMC drivers. Kory Kunkle won the Minutes of Activity Challenge with 119 hours and 30 minutes of activity. Gray Dougherty won our Weight Loss Challenge with 12.05% lost. They were each awarded a Gold’s Gym 6 lb. Balance Board and a $40 Target gift card.

For our team challenges, team “Destination Healthy” won the Minutes of Activity Challenge with an average of 46 hours and 1 minute per member. The team included Gillian Gillespie, Patricia Jurgens, Patrick Tasler, Jason Webb, Myles Womack, and Melissa Zollman. Team “Too Much Chrome” won the Weight Loss Division with an average of 7.43% lost; members were Kim Allard, Tiffany Hoeck, Kory Kunkle, Shanie Parcel, and Robert Pepin. Team winners all received a yoga mat and a $10 Subway gift card.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to all participants! Upcoming Wellness Committee initiatives will be geared towards nutrition, portion control, water intake and physical activity.