Father of Seven Sonnie Bost Shares Advice to Dads on the Road

on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in Life on the Road

Sonnie Bost has been driving for TMC for over 15 years. He has learned how to balance the rigorous demands of truck driving while still finding time to help raise his seven children. Sonnie explains the highs and lows of being away from his family on the road...

Truck driving is the perfect profession for me because I have been traveling around the country my whole life. I was born in the Philippines, but moved to the U.S. with my family at an early age. I’m a self-proclaimed “military brat.” My family moved around from California to Alabama with many stops in between. I’ve finally settled down with my own family in North Carolina. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and seven children. I’ve got six sons and one daughter. They range in age from 6 to 20 years old. I’m on the road a lot and as a result I miss out on some special moments with my family. I don’t like leaving them but I can stay connected to them on Skype and Facetime on our phones. I’ve also created a special tradition with my family. Every summer I take one of my children with me in the truck and let them experience what it’s like to be me for a couple days.

My five older children have all traveled with me. I like when they ride with me because it lets me spend some one-on-one time with them. (It also gives my wife a little break from the small army of boys we have in our house.) I tell them they should be excited to be with me because they are doing something that most of their friends won’t ever get to do. Traveling around the country with their dad isn’t very cool in the eyes of most teenagers but my kids have grown up being excited about sitting in the passenger seat with me. Although spending time with them is the best part in my mind, my kids think the best part is the food. My wife doesn’t take my kids out to eat very often because it would be expensive and it’s easier for her to cook for them herself. So when we are on the road my boys can’t wait to stop and eat. On a recent trip, one of my sons tried to eat a 10 pound hamburger as a restaurant food challenge. He didn’t finish it (obviously) but he loved the experience. They also love staying in a hotel room and swimming in the hotel pool. They go home and brag to their brothers and sister about the cool places they got to stay.

I treasure the summer trips I get to go on with my children because the rest of the time I only see them on the weekends. I travel everywhere in my truck. I’ve visited 48 states and Canada. Traveling is my job and having my children experience what I go through helps them better understand how I feel when I’m gone. When I am home I like to spend time with my wife. My kids are great because they watch each other when we are gone. My wife and I are able to enjoy the small amount of alone time we have together. She is the real hero. She holds the family together and supports me no matter what. I feel very lucky to have such a caring wife and mother to my children.

Because Father’s Day is coming up I want to share a bit of advice to new fathers and other TMC drivers: it’s not the quantity of time you spend with your children/family but the quality time you spend with them. When you are home it’s not just your time to rest but it’s your time to be a father/husband. You have to make a special effort to make-up the time you don’t get to spend with them every day. You never know what the next week holds. Treasure the special moments. Make memories with your children because they only grow up once. I’ve learned that being a truck driver isn’t an excuse to not have relationships with my loved ones. Take the time to show your family that you love them because every weekend you are home is your Father’s Day present.