Roadcheck Week 2014

on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 in Life on the Road

Roadcheck Week 2014 runs from June 1st-7th. It is an annual event by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world. This year they are focusing on proper hauling of hazardous materials, or “Hazmat”, as often known to industry insiders. The CVSA has provided a helpful checklist you can view here. Last year’s focus was on load securement, below are some statistics from 2013:

• 73,023 trucks and buses were inspected
• 47,771 of those were Level 1 inspections
• Of the Level 1 inspections, 24.1% were found with Out of Service violations
• A total of 71,630 driver inspections, including those conducted during Level I inspections.
• 4.3% of the 71,630 driver inspections were found with OOS violations.
• 899 seatbelt violations were issued.

Below are tips from the TMC safety department on what drivers need to watch for:

• All drivers need to have their CDL and current medical cards in their possession.
• E-logs and paper logs need to be current and legal.
• Securement needs to meet or exceed DOT requirements.
• Tarp jobs need to be tight.
• Load checks need to be done and straps and chains kept tight. 
• Check straps to ensure good working condition.
• All lights need to be working: headlights—high and low beams, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals and hazards and all marker lights truck and trailer.
• All tires need to have better than 4/32’s of tread on the steer and better than 2/32’s of tread on the drives and trailers any tires with cord showing needs to be replaced.
• All flaps need to be on especially the rear of the trailer.
• Airbags need to be inflated.
• No air leaks under the truck, the trailer or at the glad hands.
• Make sure the wipers work and they have fluid.
• Fire extinguishers need to be charged and mounted.
• Emergency triangles must be in the truck.
• Dunnage in the dolley legs must be strapped.
• Check the permit books for your current registration, IFTA cab card, and insurance card. If hauling Hazmat make sure all the Hazmat permits in the book are current for US, OH, CO and CA and that there is an emergency response guide also in the permit book.
• Check the truck and trailer and make sure there are current inspection stickers on each.

Go clean this week and every week! Any TMC driver with a clean inspection this week will receive $25.