Terry Blom Shares His Secrets to Success on Percentage Pay

on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 in Life on the Road

TMC driver Terry Blom says it best: “There’s a difference between doing things right and doing the right things. We can do things right all day long, but if they’re the wrong things it doesn’t matter. Find out what the right things are, and do those right.”

Terry is a shining example of how self-motivation and a can-do attitude can go a long way towards success in TMC’s performance based percentage pay package. This pay package, known internally as the Certification Program, gives drivers the opportunity to earn between 25%-32% of the load revenue based on their own individual performance. In his very first performance snapshot, Terry was able to immediately jump to the top level of 32% and has stayed there all throughout his first year of driving with TMC.

What has been the secret to his success?

For Terry, it’s been all about strategically performing the best he can in areas in which he has complete control over: fuel mileage and endorsements. This, coupled with his early research on the trucking industry and companies ahead of time, allowed him a significant leg up in his start with TMC.

Terry, an Air Force veteran with a background in accounting and finance, was attracted to the trucking industry and did thorough research prior to attending truck driving school. He knew immediately that a drop-and-hook type of truck driving job did not appeal to him and he started looking into flatbed companies. He liked the opportunities flatbed provided to get a little bit of exercise and add variety to his day.  He began researching flatbed companies and was immediately drawn to TMC because of our reputation and great training program.

A San Antonio resident, he stopped by TMC’s Des Moines North Training Facility in person on his way back to San Antonio from visiting his parents in Minnesota. It was there that he met with TMC Recruiter Gus Erwin, who went over the opportunities with him, and also gave him the handout we give out in driver orientation explaining in detail, TMC’s Certification Program and how drivers’ performances are evaluated to help them increase their pay. Shortly after that meeting, Terry enrolled in truck driving school with the intent of going to work for TMC upon completion of training.

Immediately after looking over the Certification Program, things clicked for Terry, who instantly asked himself, what are the things on here I can most control? A huge standout to him was the points we give drivers for having the endorsements we like them to have: Hazmat, a passport, and a TWIC card. Right away, he noticed the value in having those and immediately set to work on getting them before he got started with TMC. According to Terry, “The endorsements often get overlooked by drivers who don’t think it’s worth it. They are failing to see the other values of these endorsements just aside from easy points. These endorsements also open them up to be able to haul more loads, and better paying loads.”

Another key area Terry has committed to performing well is in his fuel mileage, which is another area where he has most control. When Terry experimented with driving 55 mph on the Interstates, rather than the usual governed 62 mph, his fuel mileage and certification points immediately shot up.  While he still drives 62 mph occasionally when he is under dispatch and wants to make better time, he is very strategic in finding times during the week when he is able to slow it down to boost his miles per gallon. 57 mph is where he’s found a nice sweet spot, and he maintains that he’s never had any issues making an on-time delivery due to the speed of the truck. His performance, work ethic, and time management skills defy any misconceptions that drivers cannot make good money in a governed truck.

Terry always makes sure to pack food in the truck with him for the week, and goes to rest areas, rather than truck stops, where it takes less time to get in and out. He also makes a conscious effort to put as few miles on the truck as possible to help eliminate his out of route miles.

Terry’s wisdom and strategic thinking have paid off substantially as he celebrates his one-year anniversary with TMC just this month. We’re happy he’s selected TMC for his truck driving career and hope for many more years ahead!

Learn more about TMC’s percentage pay package on a previous blog, or give us a call with questions at 800-247-2862!