Thinking about getting into trucking

Thinking of Getting Into Trucking?

on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 in Life on the Road

The trucking industry is a 255 billion dollar industry with excellent career opportunities. With the current shortage of drivers, obtaining your CDL is a great investment. However, the trucking industry can sometimes be tricky to navigate for those looking to get into it. Potential drivers often wonder what the qualifications are for different companies. Do they need driving school, or is just having a Class A license enough?

At TMC, we often get asked what our requirements are for new drivers looking to start their trucking career.
For student drivers with no Class A tractor-trailer driving experience, we DO require you to attend a driving school, earn your Class A CDL there, and we prefer you to have at least 160 hours of instruction. While our training program is one of the best, it’s important that you have a basic skill set when you come for orientation so we can help you take your skills to the next level. Since the majority of our drivers choose to be paid on our performance based percentage pay package, the more advanced and in-depth we can be during training, the more we can set you up to be successful!

Once potential drivers realize they need driving school, they usually want to know what school they need to go to.
TMC is not a truck driving school, nor do we have a particular school that we send you to in order to drive for us. As long as you graduate from an accredited driving school, complete at least 160 hours of instruction, and obtain a Class A license, we would be willing to hire you assuming you meet all of our other qualifications. While we do not provide any money for driving school upfront, we do have a tuition reimbursement program we place you on once you’ve graduated and begin employment with us. If you’re not sure where to start, we do have a list of schools that we actively recruit from. Explore the different schools available in your area and choose one that’s the best fit for you!

Often, drivers are concerned about the financial risks of putting themselves through driving school.
To help with this, we are more than willing to accept applications from potential drivers who want to make sure they’re qualified before they even attend driving school. Once we receive an application, we can issue a pre-hire letter up front, and get it in front of our hiring committee before you even start looking for a school. This does not guarantee you a job because you must still pass all of the required DOT requirements besides earning your CDL but it does let you know that TMC is prepared to offer you employment if you are successful in passing these requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about our hiring process, you can give recruiting a call at 1-800-247-2862!