Peterbilt 579 Review

TMC's First Model 579 Review

on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 in Life on the Road

Roger Dannen, a TMC wheel master, was the first TMC company driver to receive keys to a Peterbilt model 579. With 22,000 miles down, we thought it was time for an update on what Roger thinks of TMC’s new fleet truck.

“My first impression of the truck was definitely the improved visibility,” says Roger. “It also rides and drives nicely. I really like the truck.”

Peterbilt has emphasized the functional attributes that make this truck their safest and most fuel efficient model yet. After experiencing it himself, Roger agrees that this is their best model to date. Aside from adjusting to the nine-speed and the real time vehicle monitoring he is very happy with the truck. He confirmed that the LED’s are brighter and the new nose design improves visibility and helps with fuel mileage.

“I used to like how the trucks looked with the big square hoods, but visibility is my priority,” says Roger. “The fuel mileage is also noticeably better, which is great.”

Peterbilt knows how important comfort is for over the road drivers. With a larger sleeper and a 22” flat screen TV, the interior features of the 579 have impressed Roger.

“I’m really happy with how comfortable the truck is,” Roger explains. “The cabin is wider so there’s more room between the seats and it’s easier to get from the front end to the sleeper. I love the flat screen TV and bought a DVD player so I can watch movies. The power inverter allows me to carry a microwave which is nice when I’m in Canada and don’t want to spend a lot of money on food. When I’m done I’m able to store it and my TV tray away in my closet so I have more space. Peterbilt really put a lot of thought into this one.”

The Peterbilt 579 has made it easier for Roger to feel at home on the road. With 1,500 more 579’s coming to TMC, many more company drivers can look forward to taking the wheel of these new Peterbilts.