Top Ten Must Haves for Flatbed

on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 in Life on the Road

Flatbed trucking requires many items and tools to do the job. TMC provides all the basic required tools to drivers free of charge, including straps, chains, tarps, bungee cords and other items. Still, there are some items that our drivers find make their lives easier when they’re out on the road. We enlisted their help on our Facebook page to create the following top ten list. This is a great resource if you are transitioning into a new career as a flatbed driver.

1.)Strap Winder
2.)Basic tools (Hammer, small socket set, Phillips, flathead screwdrivers, etc.)
3.)Pry Bar
4.) Edge Protector Pole
5.) Height Pole/Tape Measure
6.) Duct Tape
7.)Zip Ties
8.) Flashlight
9.) WD-40
10.) Basic Office Supplies