A Veteran's Review of TMC: We're Almost As Good As Bacon

on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in Military

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, we wanted to do a blog about our military veterans and why they enjoy working for TMC. When we requested driver Ty Everson’s help, his response was so terrific and entertaining that we decided to use him as a guest blogger…

I joined the Air Force in 1992 before I graduated high school and left for Basic Training a month after graduation. I spent the first 8 years as Security Forces, and then I retrained into Operations Intelligence in 2001. I spent just over 16 years in the Air Force and in that time accumulated a laundry list of awards and decorations, but the highlight was being awarded the Bronze Star from the Army at the conclusion of my tour in Iraq in 2007.

I just passed my 1 year mark with TMC and have actually been approved for our John Deere Specialized Division starting in June. I came to TMC as an experienced driver. I was a company flatbed driver with Swift for 10 months and then was an Owner/Operator leased to Swift for 11 months. When we moved to Biloxi, MS (my wife is still active duty Air Force), Swift couldn't get me home when I wanted so I decided to find someone to take over my lease. I went back to school, but I'm not the school type.

I talked with the boss a.k.a my wife, Angie, about going back to driving and I had actually called Swift and was getting ready to go to Memphis to go through the rehire process. I was going to go to the van division though. We talked about it some more and that is when my wife said, "What about that company you always talked about that had the awesome black trucks? I remember you telling me about them every time you saw one." That's when I kicked myself in the backside and thought how in the world did I not think of TMC? I hopped on the website that night and I was on the phone with Denis in recruiting the next morning.

The first time I saw a TMC truck I was amazed. See, I have a problem. I am extremely anal and particular when it comes to my vehicles and keeping them clean. (I actually get my truck washed twice a week. I pay for one and TMC pays for one.) I also like to have everything neat and organized. No other flatbed carrier out there can come close to TMC.

As a veteran, working for TMC is awesome. Some people may not like that style, but for me it is perfect. It's regimented in a way and there is structure. There are rules you need to follow and if you don't, there are consequences. I love that. I once had a base commander, Col Findley, (he's a 3 star general now) that would always talk about the 3 P's in his Commander's Calls. Pride, Passion, and Professionalism. When I think TMC, I think Pride, Passion, and Professionalism. For me it's the perfect fit. The only shirts I have in my truck are TMC shirts, and I replace them when they become faded. Why? It goes back to the 3 P's. The only time I don't have a TMC shirt on, is when I'm at home for my weekend.

I want to leave you with this though. This sums up perfectly why I love TMC. I got my long hood 379 Peterbilt not to long ago. I picked it up at our Indianapolis terminal. They put my name on it and everything and I did my walk around and inspection. The following week I was in Des Moines for some quick service and Keith checked me in. Some of the requests I made was that the TMC decal on the driver door was crooked, my name was crooked on the passenger side, and the TMC decals actually didn't even match the numbers. Now, most companies wouldn't even care or even laugh at you. Not TMC. Keith had them remove all the decals and replace them. Now, to some this may not be a big deal, but to me it was huge.

They always say that you need to find a job you love so much, that you would do it for free. Driving for TMC is that job for me! Let’s not get crazy though, I still need the paycheck.

Also, another bonus of being a veteran and working for TMC is the Apprenticeship program they have with the VA. I've been driving the past year and getting a check from the VA every month. It's like double dipping and it's fantastic. Not as fantastic as bacon though. Because there are few things in life that are more fantastic than bacon.

Ty is also very active on social media. You can follow him at @Ty_Everson and read his tweets on trucking, TMC, and occasionally bacon.