Photo Blog - TMC Trucks at Work

on Thursday, July 17, 2014 in Photo Blog

Here at TMC, we often get sent pictures from the road by our drivers on their travels all over the U.S. We love seeing the black and chrome in all kinds of scenic locations and enjoy seeing our drivers’ creative sides at work. Every year we have a photo contest and announce the Top Three photos during Driver Appreciation Week in September. Last year we received hundreds of entries, but there was one in particular that stood out. When TMC driver Eric Campbell submitted his entry, he put in the text of the email: “Forget the pretty scenery.  These are working trucks.” Then he had attached the following picture…

As much fun as the scenic photos are, we wanted to honor the top “working photos” submitted by our drivers. The work they do delivering freight is the truly the backbone of our business and we share below the top job site photos from the best, hardest working drivers on the road.

You can view more photo entries on our Facebook photo album here.