Four Essential Hiring Tips

on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 in Recruiting & Training

At TMC, we sometimes get asked for tips on how to get hired with us. Like all companies, we do have our basic, general hiring requirements of what we’re looking for, which we’ve listed below:

  • Valid Class A CDL or In Process Of Obtaining Class A CDL
  • Must be at least 23 years of age
  • No more than three recent moving violations
  • Solid, verifiable work history
  • No DUI's in the last 10 years

However, there are certain parts of our hiring process that we do differently from other companies. The DOT requires that transportation companies verify three years of work history, but TMC has always verified five years of work history for drivers. Also, we do all of the DOT required employment verifications up front before we invite a driver to orientation. So, yes, this does cause the hiring process to be longer in terms of getting an invitation to orientation, but this is actually to the driver’s advantage. We make sure we have all of the candidate’s driving record and background information up front, which significantly decreases their likelihood of coming to our orientation only to be sent right back home if we find out something disqualifying that they accidently left off their application.

There are always some drivers who want to get started in orientation right away, so below are some tips that can help speed up the TMC hiring process.

1. Put the names, addresses, and phone numbers of ALL of your previous employers on your application. Having this information already on there allows us to start verifying your employment right away.  Also, take note of the word “all.” Sometimes applicants will leave off an employer if they only worked there for a couple of weeks or if it was not a driving position. We still need to know about these and verify all of the jobs within the five-year timeframe, regardless of your job title or tenure there.

2. List at least ten years of work history on your application. We will only verify employment back five years, but we always want at least ten years of work history listed on the application. (Obviously we do realize that some drivers we hire are 23 years old and likely will not have ten years of work history, and that’s fine – but we will need at least five years listed on the application for our verification process.)

3. Be sure to know the location of your W2s and other employment records. Per DOT regulations, we have to verify all of your previous jobs. If a company you worked for has shut down and we can’t call to verify, or if for some reason a company you’ve worked for does not have employment records, the driver will need to provide the necessary documentation proving their employment with said company. A W2 generally works best, so be sure you are able to track down all of your W2’s from the last five years in case they are needed.

4. Patience and persistence are key! Just because it is taking us awhile to get you an invitation to orientation, it does not mean we are not interested. Sometimes the employment verifications do take longer than expected depending on how fast or slow your employers are at getting back to us regarding your dates of employment. If you have a timeline of when you want to start, be sure to let your recruiter know and be sure to follow up with them regularly on what they need in order to move forward in the hiring process.