TMC's Specialized Division is Hiring!

by Danielle Bell on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 in Recruiting & Training

TMC’s Specialized Division is one of the long-standing traditions within our company. The John Deere Ankeny (JD1) dedicated account started in 1998, with the Specialized Division following shortly after in November 1999. Between these two accounts, drivers most typically haul agricultural, forestry and construction equipment. They will also pull anything that will fit on their double drop RGN trailers.

“If a driver wants to haul over dimensional equipment and other similar freight, then this is probably the division for them,” says Chad Reece, Dedicated Fleet Manager. “We haul over width, length, height and weight commodities throughout the lower 48 states.”

Drivers in this group hold themselves to the highest regard and are always striving to be the best. So much so, the drivers on this division created a series of monthly meetings known as the “Specialized Division Advisory Board.” Meetings include enhancing policy and safety education, increasing communication efforts between office, shops and drivers, and putting emphasis on the high standards of the group.

One opportunity that is part of the Specialized Division this spring is the “Tacoma Run.” Drivers on this route bring agricultural equipment to the port of Tacoma, WA, which will ultimately end up in China. These loads are hauled on double drop RGN trailers and will be moved all the way into early June.

Ed Dolsen Jr. has been driving on the Specialized Division since 2018. “I started looking into the option right when I came to the company. It was always a goal of mine,” he says. The camaraderie between others in the division is something that Ed admires. He also likes the challenge of hauling bigger loads and equipment.

Interested in joining TMC’s Specialized Division? We are currently hiring. Contact John Walsh at 515-974-3477.