What to Bring for Orientation

on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 in Recruiting & Training

New drivers for us often ask what they need to bring for our orientation programs. To make it easier, we have created orientation checklists that we send to the drivers once we’ve approved their application, and also have it posted online. Some of the items we ask them to bring are standard items necessary for starting any new job, such as:

-Two forms of identification
A driver’s license and a birth certificate are preferred; however, a social security card is sufficient if they’re unable to obtain their birth certificate in time. If they have a passport, we want them to bring that along as well.

-Direct deposit information
They need to bring either a voided check or their bank’s routing number and their account number in order to set up their direct deposit through payroll.

-Birthdates and social security numbers for dependents
The drivers will need to provide this information for any family members they will be placing on their insurance.

Other items they need to bring are unique to trucking and TMC:

-Work boots

We’re a strictly flatbed company and these are required for load securement training. Steel-toe is strongly recommended. They also need to wear the work boots for their first day of class, as that is when the physical assessment will take place. Additionally, part of the load securement training is done outdoors, so appropriate cold weather gear is needed during the winter months (Oct-May).

-Sleeping bag and pillow
Typically our drivers are getting assigned a trainer close to where they live to get them as much home time as possible during training, however we ask them to be prepared to leave with a trainer immediately following orientation in the event that their trainer is picking them up from Des Moines.

-Rand-McNally Truck Atlas
If they do not bring their own, they can purchase one in orientation at a discounted rate. Paper atlases with tax are available for $17.95, laminated with tax is $42.35.

-Calculator and headphones
These will be needed for some of the classroom training. Headphones are a must and are often overlooked by drivers, the type they would need are just the standard jack you’d find for MP3 players. (1/8” or 3.5mm)

-Driving school loan paperwork
Our student hires that are eligible for tuition reimbursement need to bring their loan information to be enrolled into the reimbursement program.

Recommended personal items:

-Contact lenses and glasses
We recommend they bring glasses as a back-up in case they were to lose or tear a lens.

-One carry-on bag
If they’re taking the Greyhound bus, they’d need one carry-on bag with necessary toiletries and a change of clothes in case there’s a delay with their luggage.

-Money for dinner
While lunch is provided free of charge, drivers will be responsible for breakfast and dinner during their stay and need to bring enough money to eat on. We provide transportation to Wal-Mart on Tuesday evenings for them to purchase groceries and other items as well.

What NOT to bring:
-Any items of high value such as laptops, tablets, game systems, or jewelry.
-Any bulky items such as TV’s or coolers.

You can learn more about orientation by visiting our training department website or by reading our recent blog post “What to Expect at TMC Orientation.”