What to Expect at TMC Orientation

on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 in Recruiting & Training

TMC orientation is just like being in the military!

Well, at least that’s what we hear quite often, and while there’s certainly some underlying truth to this statement, it’s not like starting boot camp. We’re actually proud that many think of us in this way because what it means is that we value pride, commitment, integrity and all the other attributes associated with the military. However, we assure you, there are no forced marches or runs during your stay!

On a serious note, what should you expect during orientation? Well, the days are long, but rewarding. You won’t find much time to sit around and twiddle your thumbs. We try to pack as much training as we can in the limited amount of time we have before you join your driver trainer. This training has one ultimate objective and that is to see you equipped with all the tools necessary to start and enjoy a rewarding career!

During orientation you will learn about company policies, receive instruction on areas that may have been missed during your time at driving school, an in-depth load securement program that teaches you how to safely secure and protect your cargo during transport, and an equipment familiarization program that introduces you to our trucks and trailers before meeting your driver trainer.

Just like in the military, you will likely form a close bond with your fellow classmates come graduation day, knowing that you accomplished something that required hard work and determination.

To learn more about the TMC orientation and training programs for recent graduates, click here and for more information about our training program for experienced drivers, click here. You can also visit our website dedicated to our training program here.