Why Is TMC Training So Long?

on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 in Recruiting & Training

So, why is the TMC orientation and training program longer when compared to many other carriers? Well, that’s a good question and there is a good answer that can be summed up in one sentence: TMC truly cares about your success and long-term employment. It really is that simple!

The TMC orientation program has always stood out when compared to other carriers, many of whom have programs as short as just a couple of days. If our primary goal was to simply get you hired and thrown behind the wheel, then we could achieve that with only a day or two of your time. However, we all know where that road leads to, a dead-end. Instead, we choose to invest the time and resources into helping you become a successful, professional driver. One that is prepared to meet the challenges you will face on a daily basis. Any skilled trade such as a carpenter, electrician, pipe fitter, or even a doctor requires knowledge specific to their trade, and an over-the-road truck driver is no different. The only way we succeed as a company is to succeed as a team. If we shortcut our training and put drivers behind the wheel who are not prepared, then we all lose. That loss comes in many forms whether it is employment turnover, accident and incident costs, customer complaints about non-professional drivers, out of service violations from the DOT, etc. We were all taught at a young age that any rewarding career is one that begins with a good foundation, and that is what the TMC orientation and training program is designed to do for you.

Something else to bear in mind is that TMC is an open-freight carrier or more commonly known as flatbed. It takes a higher-skilled employee to operate a flatbed than it does for many other driving positions. A flatbed driver must know where to place the load, how to properly secure that load from movement and to satisfy DOT regulations, and how to properly protect that load from the elements. These skills require time and special instruction, which in turn add onto the time required in orientation.We know we’re on the right road when we repeatedly hear comments from the experienced drivers we hire who tell us that they’ve never seen as thorough an orientation program as ours. Many express they wish they’d had the same opportunity when they began their career, so they didn’t have to learn many lessons the hard way.

So, in a nutshell, that’s the long and short of it all. We know your employment opportunities in trucking are many, but we hope you give TMC an honest look. We are in this for the long haul, so come join TMC and call us home as so many drivers do now!

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