What is the TMC Home Time Policy during Training?

We know how important home time is for everyone; however, we cannot guarantee this during training. Our training coordinators really do go to great lengths to match you up with a trainer within 150 miles of where you live, and we are successful over 80 percent of the time. It all depends upon where you live and which trainers are available at the completion of orientation. Two things that you can do ahead of time to help improve your odds is to try to have your own transportation available to and from a trainer's house and to also have alternate locations at your disposal. In other words, let's say you live in Peoria, Illinois, but we don't have a trainer available from there, but your parents or a friend lives in Youngstown, Ohio and they would be willing to put you up for the weekends during training. We can then take a look around the Youngstown area for available trainers. In the event that we are unable to find you a trainer close to you or your family then TMC will take care of your hotel arrangements during the weekends that your trainer goes home.

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