How long is TMC Orientation

If you are coming right from a driving school or if you have very little experience then you are classified as what we call a Student Driver and you will attend orientation for two weeks. It will begin on a Monday and finish on the Friday of the following week and you will be in class during the weekend in between the first and second weeks. It consists of classroom, load securement, and equipment familiarization (yard training) instruction. If you have OTR experience, but little to no flatbed then you are classified as what we call an Eval Driver and you will most likely attend one week, Monday through Friday. Lastly, if you have OTR flatbed experience you will probably just attend a three-day orientation of Monday through Wednesday. These are just general guidelines. You will need to speak with a recruiter so we can learn a little more about exactly what type of experience you have and with what trucking companies.

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