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Announcing Salesforce for TMC Logistics and Assets

Ah, that new car smell.

new car smell

Your commute didn’t change, and your daily routine is the same. But sliding into the seat of your new car and feeling the smooth ride makes you excited for the drive! Right? New features tend to give us a sense of pride.

Well, some very dedicated folks here at TMC realize that you work hard and that having the “new car smell” in some of the tools you use can improve your day. So, they have been working on some upgrades for you.

The TMC Logistics and Asset Divisions now have a more efficient way to deal with customer data and communications. One of the programs currently being implemented is Salesforce, which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Using this technology, we will gain better tracking abilities with customer data. Benefits of the service include more efficient customer acquisition and nurturing of leads.

We understand how powerful it is to harness big data and use it to our business advantage. Salesforce will generate information from some of our other TMC systems, reducing manual input of helpful data.

The buildout for TMC was completed in December. Currently, each location has 1-2 subject matter experts who will work directly with the Logistics Training Department to support the initiative. Training is underway with senior leadership and the first group of subject matter experts (SMEs), two other groups starting this week, and a final group on February 7th.

The official launch date for Salesforce is February 14th. Additional functionality is planned to expand Salesforce, including integration with Mastery, Peoplesoft, and much more.

We are delighted to see our growth and continuous improvement in action. We appreciate the efforts of all involved in bringing this project to fruition, with special thanks to Matt Schreck (TMC Product Manager), who spearheaded the effort, and Dom Strode (VP – Business Development) for his constant support. Our third-party integration vendor for Salesforce, Applifts, has been a tremendous asset for us.

Questions regarding Salesforce can be directed to Donna Desmond, Logistics Training Manager, or to

TMC + Salesforce