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Transportation Solutions


Looking for the best open deck trucking company to handle all your needs? TMC is your top choice carrier! We provide a wide range of transportation solutions with our extensive fleet of open deck trailers that are extremely versatile and can transport a wide variety of cargo and equipment.

Whether you need flatbed, step deck or RGN trucking solutions, TMC has you covered.


Our flatbed trailers are 48 or 53 feet long, making them ideal for hauling lumber, pallet freight, steel, other construction materials and much more.

Step Deck

We also carry a large fleet of step deck trailers, also known as drop deck trailers. Our step decks are 48 or 53 feet long and sit lower to the ground, allowing for loads that may be too tall for a standard flatbed. They are the best way to transport heavy freight such as agricultural equipment, military equipment, machinery, tractors and more.

RGN (Removable Goose Neck)

RGN or Removable Goose Neck trailers have a detachable front that allows the lower deck to set flat on the ground. This allows for easy loading of heavy cargo that can be driven onto the trailer. Examples of common freight that utilizes RGN hauling are cranes, excavators, loaders, tractors, skid-steers and more.

Why Choose TMC?

They say “practice makes perfect,” and for 50 years, TMC has been building on this philosophy, becoming one of the largest aggregators of flatbed capacity in the country. Between our assets and network of qualified third-party carriers, we’ve got you covered where you can be at ease. We’ll always provide you with quality customer service and ensure that your freight is delivered safely and on-time. 

- 99.7% Claim-Free Delivery Record for 50 Years

- Customized Freight Solutions 

- Innovative Technology Providing Transparency and Visibility 

- One Point of Contact 

- Employee-Owned Company 

- Client Management

For more information about our open deck transportation options, contact TMC!