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Home Time

At TMC home time is of utmost importance and is the foundation for which our entire business model was built. Our lengths of haul and customer base are built around the goal of getting drivers home.

Although we do deliver to all of the U.S. and Canada, drivers typically run in a 1,200 mile radius of their home. This allows them home time on the weekends. More than 90% of our fleet is home on weekends and they average 52 hours of home time per weekend.

If a driver does wish to be out consecutive weeks at a time, we can accommodate their requests. We have many drivers who choose to run two to three weeks at a time.

Our Operations Department works diligently to meet driver home time expectations and go to great lengths to ensure drivers are home for important events like birthdays and anniversaries. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are holidays that drivers are guaranteed home. 

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