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At TMC, our drivers are rewarded for their hard work, along with their tenure and loyalty. Our Performance-Based Percentage Pay Program was created by TMC drivers who wanted their paychecks to reflect the quality and quantity of the hard work they did. 

Percentage Pay

work smarter, not harder!
*First year drivers earn up to $88,000

percentage pay paid training class a cdl school near me free course ADDITIONAL PAY

  • Tarp Pay
  • Breakdown Pay
  • Layover Pay
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Stop Pay
  • Toll & Scale Passes
  • Detention Pay
  • Borough Pay
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Over-Dimensional Load Pay
  • Vacation Pay
  • Sign-On Bonuses

Stop Chasing Miles - Start Getting Paid

Are you a new driver? Percentage pay gives you the opportunity to move rapidly up the pay scale despite lack of seniority with the company!

Are you a tenured driver looking to boost your income? On top of getting paid for your hard work, you get a share of the gain every time TMC gets a rate increase!

Drivers who choose Percentage Pay receive a percentage of what TMC is paid by the shipper to haul their load. Percentage rates between 26-30%, and go as high as 34%. Drivers with 1 year of service at TMC are guaranteed a base percentage of 27%. Your percentage rate for each month after your first month of driving with us will be based on your performance.

Have more questions? Follow along with Adam as he provides an in-depth breakdown of what to expect in your new career with TMC.

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