TMC Offers Pay Increase for Drivers in Critical Northeastern States

on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 in Company News


DES MOINES, Iowa, February 2021 – States labeled as “critical-need” continue to grow as freight availability and driver demand increases. TMC Transportation is driven to continuously bring in drivers in order to meet the demand for freight. By offering a pay incentive to attract drivers in these critical-need states, TMC will be able to maintain the capacity to continue serving their customers’ shipping needs. All new and existing TMC drivers who live in the Northeastern states including: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont are now eligible for a minimum of 30% of each load. This is in addition to Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan who received this incentive in December 2020.

TMC’s Performance-Based Percentage Pay Program was created by TMC drivers who wanted their paychecks to reflect the quality and quantity of work performed. Ninety-eight percent of TMC drivers opt into the Performance-Based Percentage Pay Program which typically starts at 26% of each load for inexperienced drivers beginning their driving career; 27% for experienced drivers when they join the fleet. With the new incentive, drivers who live in the aforementioned states will start at 30% and not drop below that threshold. Additionally, due to strong freight lanes in the area, drivers are rarely sitting and waiting for their next load. By keeping their drivers moving, as well as increasing their pay, TMC will be able to continue to provide the excellent service their customers deserve.


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