The Big Deal about Performance-Based Percentage Pay

by TMC Corporate Communications on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 in Recruiting & Training

So why do 99% of all TMC drivers prefer percentage pay when mileage pay is also a TMC option?

So what if your company is paying you .50+ cents per mile if they can’t get you those miles? Or just as bad, they get you those miles, but at the sacrifice of hardly ever seeing the house. Why do you think so many carriers have annualized turnover rates literally exceeding 100%? It’s not rocket science, that’s for sure.

Take a close look at the recent screenshot to the left. It is from one of our driver’s loads. What you’re seeing is not some one-off fluke load. This driver moved a 290-mile load. 439 miles if you include the empty miles. This load paid $1,630. At a bare-bones minimum of 26%, this load would have paid $423 to the driver. At 30%, this load would have paid the driver $489 - or in other words, $1.11 per mile for ALL miles, loaded and empty! And for just one day’s work! Will you as a driver get them on a weekly basis? Of course not. That would be a lie. But what is true is that we see them all the time and that’s where percentage pay really shines.

As a driver, you get a percentage share of what we charge. Every time a customer’s rate increases, you immediately see the increase in your pay. You won’t see that with a mileage pay company. And the size of your piece of the pie is in your control. Our pay system is based on performance. The smarter you work, the more driven you are, the greater your percentage.

Did you know that none of our drivers make less than 26%? And many have a guaranteed base percentage of 30%!

At our current freight rates and length of hauls, check out what our drivers are averaging per mile, empty and loaded, right now based upon what percentage of the load they’re making:

Percentage Pay ScaleOh yeah, one last thing. Did we mention that 92% of our drivers are making 27% or higher of every load they haul and that 48% of our drivers are making 30% or higher?

Less miles, more money. Dollars, not distance. That’s TMC percentage pay!

TMC driver's load screen
load screen