Congratulations to TMC's Trainer of the Month for September 2015 - Bryan Celestine!

on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 in Awards & Recognition

Bryan TMC Transportation Trucking Flatbed Eating Healthy as a Truck DriverBryan Celestine has been a flatbed truck driver with TMC since 2009 and has been training new drivers for four years.

Each driver trainee has helped Bryan learn more about himself, as well as the trucking industry. “I have a passion for flatbed and I try to teach each trainee everything I know,” he says. “I want them to do well and maintain a high standard for TMC.” Bryan never hesitates to put in extra effort and time to each trainee to make sure they understand what they are doing and the reasons behind it.

Bryan has learned through practice that the best way to teach a driver trainee is hands-on experience. Every individual and situation is different, but allowing trainees to learn from their mistakes while they are in training is a valuable life experience. Training with a hands-on approach helps newer, inexperienced drivers achieve self-sufficient skills for when they’re out in their own truck

Bryan swears by consistency. “Drive your truck the way you would want your trainees to drive,” he urges. “If a driver trainee does not understand a certain concept, as a trainer it is our duty to teach them and explain why TMC Transportation does things a certain way. I want everyone to be safe and top notch.”

According to Bryan, one of the biggest problems in the flatbed truck driving industry is the prevalence of drivers who cut corners to make more money. This is something that Bryan feels he can positively influence as a driver trainer. “I represent TMC Transportation day in-and-out and I want to set the bar higher,” he explains. “I want quality and good drivers out there. As long as you maximize your potential, you will be able to do more and be given more responsibility.”

Bryan is also known for his healthy lifestyle and diet as an over-the-road truck driver. He believes that when you’re in shape, you get the best out of life. Exercising regularly and eating right keeps your energy level high, which is an essential aspect to being a flatbed truck driver. In fact, Bryan receives many questions from drivers and driver trainees seeking tips on how to be healthier as a truck driver. Have you ever wondered how truck drivers can maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road? Bryan was featured in a video tutorial on TMC's Youtube page regarding eating healthy on the road as a truck driver. Check it out here!

Over the years, Bryan has personally gotten to know many of his students. Bryan saysget paid while training for cdl company near me hiring the most rewarding thing as a trainer has been getting phone calls from his friends, telling him how great of a job one of his former driver trainees has done. “I really enjoy getting calls from my students thanking me for the time and pointers I have given them. As long as they love it, I love it too.” 

Congratulations, Bryan! Thank you for all that you do at TMC.