Curtis Rasnake Named TMC's 2021 Wheel Master

on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 in Awards & Recognition

Curtis RasnakeTMC is thrilled to announce Curtis Rasnake as the 2021 Wheel Master award winner! Curtis Rasnake has been driving a TMC truck for 16 years and in that time, he has been awarded two Trainer of the Month awards, a Trainer of the Year award in 2015, Driver of the Quarter in 2014, and to top it all off, Rasnake now has TMC's highest honor of 2021 Wheel Master.

“I had goosebumps when I got the call," said Rasnake. Rasnake has been eligible for Wheel Master since 2014 when he was recognized as Driver of the Quarter. “Ya know, it never bothered me that I wasn't a Wheel Master, each year I saw who was being honored and I never disagreed with the decision. It goes to show how many deserving drivers there are at TMC."

Rasnake has had a huge impact on TMC with how successful of a trainer he has become during his tenure. He has trained over 100 drivers and his ability to connect with all types of people has proven effective when getting new drivers ready to take on their own Black and Chrome truck.

“Driving a truck can be very frustrating. These new guys need to know to never take their frustrations outside of the truck and I let them know whenever they want to rant, they can pick up the phone and call me, I'll listen to their frustrations."

When Rasnake was asked about why he has stayed at TMC so long he simply replied, 'support'.

“I have always had great support while I've been here. When I was a new driver, I had experienced drivers looking out for me. I can depend on everyone in the office and TMC is like family to me. I have many coworkers that are now my friends." Rasnake spoke very highly of his fleet manager, Kevin Mattox, and credited him as a big reason for this award.

Family time can often be difficult in the trucking industry, but Rasnake is a perfect example of how to center your job around your family. “When you let your family participate in your career it becomes a lifestyle." He said. Rasnake's wife, Audra, has been his backbone over the last 16 years of his flatbed career. Audra welcomes trainees into her home and prepares home-cooked meals for Curtis and his trainees. It is not uncommon for Audra to meet Curtis's former trainees at rest stops and provide meals for them whenever they may pass by their house in western Virginia. Audra often talks to other drivers' wives on the phone to give them advice and encouragement when their husbands enter the industry. The bond Curtis and Audra share is very impressive.

In Rasnake's childhood, he and his family faced financial problems. Curtis used those struggles to motivate him and continue to give his two sons and granddaughter more than what he had growing up. “Everything I do, I do for my family," says Rasnake. He has positioned himself and his family up for financial success for years to come. Rasnake has been with TMC since the company became employee-owned through Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2013. “ESOP is huge! My wife won't let me leave TMC with how well ESOP has been performing," Rasnake jokes.

On paper, it may appear that Rasnake has accomplished everything there is to accomplish at TMC. In the future, he looks forward to training more drivers and setting others up to have the success he has had at TMC. “If I hadn't enjoyed what I have done the last 16 years I wouldn't be doing it." Rasnake said.

Curtis exemplifies what TMC stands for. Join me in congratulating Curtis Rasnake on being named 2021 Wheel Master!

Curtis with truck

TMC Wheel Masters are selected based on criteria such as attitude, safety record, customer service, availability for loads, and on-time delivery.