Driver of the Quarter:

on Thursday, May 27, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

TMC is proud to announce that our Driver of the First Quarter of 2021 is Ricky Waters. Waters has been with TMC for over 27 years and has proven over and over again how dependable he is. The pride he takes in his work to be safe and claim-free is impressive and deserves recognition.

Ever since Waters got out of the United States Navy in 1994, he has been driving the TMC black and chrome trucks. Waters recently logged his three millionth mile with TMC this past summer. Waters expressed high praise for TMC stating, “I love TMC; I love working for TMC”. Waters went on to say that the way in which TMC manages their drivers is remarkable. “They really allow you to have a lot of freedom when you are on the road, they trust you with their equipment and really allow me to do my job the right way.” Waters fleet manager, Cory Jaeger, said, “Ricky is always out there promoting TMC, whether to new customers or to new drivers. He is always willing to help other drivers on the road and answer their questions.”

Ricky Waters

Waters understands the significance of this recognition and is very grateful for the opportunity to represent TMC as Driver of the Quarter. Among many benefits of being a part of the company, he has cherished the time he was able to spend with TMC founder Harrold Annett. Waters reminisced fondly about Annett, who passed away this past March. “Harrold was a mentor to me and throughout my time spent with him it was clear how much he cared about each and every driver that makes TMC what it is today.”

Reflecting on his success, Waters has been fortunate enough to cross off several things from his bucket list along the way. Having been hauling boats for the last six years for TMC, he has experienced some amazing places. “I've had the opportunity to deliver boats to the Yukon Territory in northern Canada and I love it, it’s really cool there.” Three million safe miles driven and the spectacular views he enjoys would mean a lot to any driver, but Waters is looking ahead to even more achievements in his driving career. When asked about what it means to now be eligible for TMC’s prestigious Wheel Master Award, Waters indicated that he would love to be able to cross off one more thing from his already impressive list of accomplishments.

TMC is lucky to have faces like Ricky Waters out on the road representing the TMC values that we hold dear. Waters is very appreciative and wants everyone to know how thankful he is to receive this recognition. Congratulations, Ricky!