Dylan Lueck Named Logistics Associate of the Quarter - Q3 2021

on Friday, October 8, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

During the third quarter of 2021, Dylan increased all of his numbers by a very impressive amount. When compared to the second quarter of 2021, Dylan increased his load count by 176%, his revenue by 208%, and his margin by 205%. As a result of his growth, Dylan has become one of the “go-to” Carrier Sales Specialists (CSS) in the Bentonville, AR office. Dylan’s main focus on developing relationships and maintaining consistency in his daily activities has led to his growth in the third quarter of 2021.

Dylan Lueck
At the center of Dylan’s growth is his focus on developing personal relationships with carriers. The foundation of Dylan’s relationships with his carriers was formed by his drive to learn about them before booking them on a load. Since he worked to understand the carriers’ needs first, Dylan now acts as a personal shopper for his carriers. Dylan makes sure to always look for load options within the TMC network that is the right fit for the driver, regardless of office assignment. Dylan says that when he “started matching loads to trucks, instead of matching trucks to loads,” he noticed a positive shift in his relationships with carriers. The shift created a pull for Dylan to find a reason to stay in contact with carriers and to simply have conversations. Dylan works to stay top of mind with his carriers, which has enabled him to deepen the connection he has with each of them. As Dylan learned more about his carriers through consistent communication, he gained a deeper understanding of them. His carriers, in turn, sought out Dylan for their freight needs.

The anchor of Dylan’s growth is his intentional consistency in performing all of his responsibilities as a CSS. Dylan said that his consistency started with training, and has expanded into his daily activities. Dylan’s carrier list not only keeps track of the details of the companies, but also the drivers’ names, the drivers’ preferred lanes, the drivers’ phone numbers, as well as the drivers’ home zip codes. By tracking these details, Dylan can cross-reference phone area codes and home zip codes to consistently match TMC freight to a driver that is ideal for the driver’s need. As Dylan has conversations, he adds to his list of carriers while developing carrier relationships and achieves success in one fell swoop.

Dylan’s recipe of equal parts in his daily activities as a CSS leads to an increase in his ability to develop and maintain relationships with carriers. The relationships that he has with his carriers are tough to gain without a relentless pursuit of excellence like Dylan’s. Consistency in his daily activity and commitment to continuous self-improvement makes Dylan better today than he was yesterday. Dylan values continuous self-improvement and sets his personal growth as a daily goal. By remaining consistent with attaining his daily personal and professional goals, Dylan embodies TMC’s core values of integrity, quality, and continuous improvement. Dylan’s advice to all CSSs is to focus on relationships first, remain consistent in all you do, and utilize all the tools at your fingertips; the training team, your office, and company-wide leadership, as well as all system-related platforms. Dylan’s commitment to consistency and focus on relationships has allowed him to be named the Logistics Associate of the third quarter in 2021.

Q3 Revenue Growth = $444,632.11
Q3 Margin Growth = $43,399.29
Q3 Load Count Growth = 201

“Dylan started at TMC without prior transportation experience. He quickly became one of the top producing CSSs in the Bentonville office. Dylan handles the southeast region, he has established and grown a sound carrier base while learning a new industry and navigating one of the tightest markets in 2021. His work to build a strong carrier base in his region has been fundamental to the growth of one of the office’s largest accounts. Dylan is reliable, determined, and always goes the extra mile to assist wherever he can. His proactive communication and never-quit attitude shine daily. Dylan’s overall performance, attitude, and growth over the short time he’s been with TMC have been pivotal to the office’s growth. Congratulations, Dylan, very well deserved!”  - Sam Phillip, General Manager Bentonville, AR