Employee Owner of the Quarter Alexis Barnett

Employee Owner of the Quarter: Alexis Barnett

by TMC Corporate Communications on Wednesday, January 3, 2024 in Awards & Recognition

Before she joined TMC, Alexis Barnett trained as a concert cellist, dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in music. That same determination and attention to detail have defined her time at TMC.

When she started at TMC in the Jacksonville, FL, Logistics office in 2019, Alexis was a carrier sales specialist (CSS). “She was a rock star,” says Jenny Wood, Logistics Sales Training Team Lead. “When it came to job shadows, I never questioned sitting my new folks with Alexis, as I knew she would provide the exposure and insight necessary to allow them to learn and grow with the proper mindset and process.” Alexis’s dedication to excellence made her a natural fit to join the Logistics Training team in 2020. “Having Alexis as part of the Logistics Training Team was one of the best decisions that’s been made for the team,” Jenny says.

As Alexis moved to the Logistics Training team, her impact at TMC increased even more. Her focus on getting the little things right has made her an invaluable part of her team, where she now leads training for carrier sales specialists.

In 2023, one of Alexis’s main focuses was creating training for the implementation of MasterMind, TMC’s new transportation management system. Alexis quickly developed insight into the processes involved in utilizing MasterMind and the training that would be required. She joined the MasterMind team during the design phase and was able to anticipate potential training needs and develop content to meet them.

To accomplish this, she collaborated with executives—from both TMC and from Mastery, the company that created MasterMind—and the TMC project team, taking input from all groups and using it to create training materials for end users. Shane Conaway, Senior Manager, Professional Development, says, “Alexis had to ‘imagine’ much of what would be needed and then build blocks of learning based on how her predictions aligned with final functionality and purpose.”

On its own, developing training for MasterMind was no small feat. But this was just one of the initiatives that Alexis was responsible for throughout 2023. She also hired and trained a new member of the Logistics Training team to handle the ongoing MasterMind implementation and corresponding training needs, and she created training for the CSS team to allow them to utilize newly adopted platforms. She also designed a curriculum to prepare the Capacity Strategy team to handle complex carrier issues including border crossings, blind shipments, and advanced load securement.

In addition, Alexis has devoted time over the past year to developing her management and leadership skills so that she can more effectively lead her team. “She has shown a tremendous willingness to grow as a person,” says Shane. As the leader of a team of logistics training specialists, Alexis has learned to balance her detail-oriented drive for perfection with the need to delegate in order to build her team and allow them to grow.

In her role as a trainer and manager, Alexis always emphasizes the ways that her teammates contribute to the success of the projects she works on. Shane says that Alexis is “so quick to recognize everyone else’s contributions to what gets done that sometimes she doesn’t even see how hard she has worked.”

While Alexis herself may try to blend into the ensemble of her team, Shane believes that she deserves to be recognized as a soloist. “Alexis’s contributions to the Logistics Division in 2023 have been nothing short of spectacular,” he says. “She epitomizes TMC’s core values: integrity, hard work, dedication, and quality. She has efficiently and effectively executed every objective at the highest level and has taken the entire Logistics Training team’s reputation for operational excellence to a much higher level in 2023. It has been an unbelievable privilege to serve alongside Alexis this year, and I am looking forward to many more to come.”

Congratulations to Alexis Barnett on being named Employee Owner of the Quarter for Q4.